Where Freedom Reigns


Where Freedom Reigns


It is seven years after the successful end of a world war on terrorism, but America is now faced with an even more horrible prospect: a war against an enemy it can not defeat. Itself. In the face of the gathering storm clouds of war, Jeremiah Kincaid, the Republican Speaker of the House, struggles to mediate a growing firestorm of public debate over gun control. On the left is Alexander Webster, the Democratic President, who halfway through his second term decides to make the elimination of guns from America his legacy. On the right is Edward Morrissey, the Republican Governor of Idaho, who bitterly opposes the President's position.


Exacerbating the situation, militia seize a private gun club built on Federal land in the Bitterroot Mountains of Idaho. After losing patience with Morrissey's handling of the problem, Webster sends in Army Rangers. In the ensuing battle many men die; however, the militia's leader, Thomas Porter, escapes. He is a billionaire with a past shrouded in mystery. The massacre on the mountain sets in motion a sequence of events that inexorably draws America into its second civil war. First, Idaho secedes from the Union, followed by six other western states, Alaska and two Canadian Provinces. They form the Continental States of America with Morrissey as its President.


As the country falls apart, Sarah McGill, a cable television news reporter, finds herself falling in love with two men: an Army officer, Jake Kincaid, who is the son of the Speaker of the House; and Thomas Porter. What makes this drama of the human heart all the more poignant is that Jake and Thomas are estranged brothers.


After Vice President Richard Knox is assassinated on a peace mission to Boise, Idaho, President Webster is left with no choice but to declare war on the new confederacy. The short but brutal civil war that ensues involves the most ferocious and devastating tank battles in history. By the time it ends, the blood of over one hundred thousand soldiers has been spilled on the savaged soil of the sorrowed nation.

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Where Freedom Reigns

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