The Whaleman Foundation

Bringing Whales And Mankind together To Preserve And Protect Our World

The Whaleman Foundation • December 3, 2010

I really enjoyed reading your book! The seemingly mythical world of dolphins and whales you created was amazing and a must read!!


Jeff Pantukhoff

President / Founder

The Whaleman Foundation

Oasis Coaltion

Read It - Our World Demands It

Oasis Coaltion • September 9, 2010


The Tempest’s Roar: Read it!!! Our world demands it. The Tempest's Roar accomplishes what so many others have failed to do by creating a seemingly mythical world where the truths of our existence on this planet are unmasked. The union of all things began in the moments of creation and the bonds forged when chaos became order are holy and ever present. R.A.R Clouston has given voice not only to those who reside in the world’s oceans but to the whole of this world, and it is a voice of hope.


Ron Tibbets

Vocational Deacon in the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts

Oasis Coalition Book Club for the Homeless

Kanga Boy

5 Stars - Outstanding • July 25, 2010


The most amazing adventure story ever. Powerful and relevant to the critical state we have arrogantly forced upon our oceans and the whales and dolphins who call them whome.

The Tempest's Roar overwhelmed every emotion and others I'd locked away. Belongs in film director James Cameron's back pocket!

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The Canadian Press

Canadian ex-pat pens epic novels

The Canadian Press • January 23, 2005


"I don't think it's far-fetched at all," says Montreal-born but Wisconsin-based R.A.R. Clouston, author of Where Freedom Reigns (AuthorHouse).

"All you have to do is look back to last November and the election . . .

how deeply divided the nation is and how there's very little room for compromise." While conceding an all-out civil war over a states' rights issue is not likely at present, Clouston believes an inflammatory issue like gun control could move off the back burner and divide the nation anew.

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The Sheboygan Press

Local author has books published after years of effort

The Sheboygan Press • June 24, 2004


In the book, the nation's president tries to get Congress to overturn the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution, which protects the right to keep and bear arms. His effort is strenuously opposed by the governer of Idaho. Members of a militia seize a gun club in Idaho, and in a battle with Army soldiers, many on both sides are killed, Clouston said. The battle eventually causes seven Western states to secede and form their own nation, the Continental States of America, and a civil war ensues, Clouston said.

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The Plymouth Review

God, guns and country

The Plymouth Review • June 22, 2004


His sweeping epic is a story of love and war - the love of a father for two sons; a nation for two freedoms; and of the (second) civil war, that without the intercession of God, would have destroyed them all. "The central theme is good versus evil through gun control," Clouston explained. "I have always been fascinated with the struggle between good vs. evil, for example as expressed in the Book of Revelation in the Bible between Christ and Satan. "And, since gun control is a hot topic these days, it is a timely topic to tie in with good versus evil."

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Where Freedom Reigns

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